About Ayobooks LLC

A Labor of Love and Purpose


Ayo means joy in Yoruba, and it is with joy that I introduce AyoBooks to you. 

As a first generation Nigerian American, I am amazed by the limited amount of supplementary educational materials primarily aimed at teaching little ones about the various languages and cultures in Africa. 30 years ago, my parents were not able to find any supplementary materials aimed at teaching young children how to read and speak African languages. I strongly believe that those materials would’ve helped my parents feel more confident in teaching my siblings and I. 

It was with this in mind that I decided to create an illustrated Yoruba alphabet and number chart geared towards children. After creating the Yoruba Alphabet Coloring Book©, AyoBooks was born. AyoBooks is truly a labor of love. The AyoBooks team and I are constantly thinking of new educational materials that would serve the needs of parents and children that are interested in learning about the different languages and cultures of Africa. 

The AyoBooks™ team consists of myself,  author, artist, and educator Dr. Ronke Ojo-Ajayi and the talented Claudette B. Ojo. 


We at AyoBooks would absolutely love to hear from you about your experiences using AyoBooks products as well as your experiences teaching little ones about different African languages and cultures. Also, please do not hesitate to ask us any questions! For additional information, I can be reached at ayobooksonline@gmail.com

Joyfully yours, 

Ronke Ojo-Ajayi